Are you looking for family-friendly groups and activities?  Then why not join one of SWIC’s Family activity groups and meet up with other SWIC parents and their families.   Can’t find a group for you? Then why not set one up, just contact us by email and let us know your suggestion for a family related activity that other SWIC members may want to join, email SWIC Communications.

Key: S = Swic-sponsored, I = sponsored by an independent group or individual, $ = requires a fee for participation, food, or materials

SWIC Moms and Tots Playgroup (S)
There are many moms with babies and toddlers in our SWIC community, so let’s get together to swap stories and ideas while the little ones play!

Whether you have just moved to Shenzhen with your young family, or you are a new mom looking to meet other moms with young kids in Shenzhen, join us at the SWIC Moms and Tots playgroup and get to know our lovely group of moms and tots living in Shenzhen.

SWIC Moms and Tots meet every Wednesday/Thursday from 10am to noon at various child-friendly locations around the city.  Playgroups are often held at a members home, shopping mall play zones, or when the weather is nice, a park, outdoor playground or sometimes even a swimming pool.  If you have an idea for a nice place to visit and play with the kids just make a suggestion to the other moms.  You and your little ones can also take part in the annual SWIC Moms and Tots Christmas party, birthday parties and more. Babies are welcome!

To join the fun see Colleen Hart at SWIC coffee.