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Computer security attended

Computer security, due to the growth of technology, has faced for some years, challenges that put at risk the tranquility of thousands of users around the world.

IT is a tool that stores, transfers and processes information, given its importance it has become the most valuable asset in today’s society. Therefore, keeping in mind the challenges faced later, is vital to maintain its integrity and functionality.

The problem:

If we ask ourselves how many people inhabit the planet, the answer would be more than 7.5 billion – and growing. But if the doubt is how many of them have access to the Internet, you will probably be surprised to see that 4 billion, that is, 53% of the population makes use of it.

One study states that, for every second, 11 new users are arriving, both on social networks and on the web; which in storage would translate into 35 GB per month, something like honey for bears.

These millions of people generate new information every day, which often do not receive the necessary protection to ensure their safety. As a result of the various challenges faced, the IT sector has proposed some trends for 2019 that need to be looked at in the business sector:

Future cyberattacks

The kidnapping of information has been a topic discussed in these days: Ramsonware attacks have triggered the alarms in the business sector, because in some cases, have been forced to pay for the return of information, being harmed affecting their stability, economy and progress.

Some companies specializing in computer security claim that these types of attacks will be fortified over time, as cybercriminals have found an ‘easy’ way to acquire money and will surely improve their tactics to strengthen this type of malicious programs. It is therefore advisable to improve the practices and tools that strengthen the security of companies and their users.

Privacy and information

With the growing digital society, we at Swic Online find that it is necessary to take into account the magnitude of the information on the network. According to studies, an average of 541,465 computer attacks are generated daily in the countries of South America, of which the banking, government and telecommunications sectors suffer.

Therefore, a law that sanctions and mitigates these attacks is essential to protect confidential information and reduce the losses of companies.

Organizations should focus their attention on the tools that secure their data, because a strategy that prevents and protects their privacy, will ensure a prompt arrest, maintenance and solution to future attacks. Protecting the information of your collaborators, partners and customers is essential to maintain a secure ecosystem.

Increase in qualified staff

Appropriate and implement a strategy to ensure the security of valuable information, suggests having the best staff who know how to adapt to frequent changes in the industry.

The Enterprise Strategy Group and the Information Systems Security Association conducted a survey of 343 IT professionals, in which 70% of respondents said that the “lack of digital security had an impact on their organization.

That mostly negative impact has adversely affected large-scale business operations, which is a failure of companies not to fortify their cybersecurity systems.

Similarly, respondents said that the “lack of analysis and research” on security issues and the lack of computer security in the cloud, causes low levels of strengthening in security. This again calls for organizations to have experts and strategies to mitigate the malicious impact of cybercriminals.

Currently there are few expert profiles in cybersecurity, which is one of the biggest problems facing companies, reducing the effective implementation of tools and processes that control security in internal and external IT infrastructure. That is the bet of 2019, a year with an increase in trained personnel who understand, analyze and operate in the face of computer threats that affect the organization.

Blockchain, security relief?

The digital economy is not the only beneficiary of the Blockchain, as well as maintaining a fast, efficient and safe process, also allows to give a relief to digital security. Using this tool generates reliable processes capable of controlling and detecting suspicious security actions. We already commented on this in a previous article.

Although it was born to improve traditional transactions, it has shown that using it can detect threats and restrict them. For Panda Security, “the future of cybersecurity undoubtedly lies in the use of blockchain,” because it allows data and identity protection to be a sophisticated task for this technology.

To use blockchain in any sector and in any process? For next year, this technology, almost inviolable, will be the attraction of the organizations, because it will implement new models of computer security that will benefit any type of operations. However, do not forget that the chain of blocks is not the panacea of computer security suggested by some experts.

These issues mark the progress in computer security in organizations, is your company prepared for the digital future?

It will always be important to investigate and investigate the digital ecosystem, its advances, challenges, vulnerabilities will always be on the list and it is important to address them to maintain safe environments and spread emergency uses, such as mission-critical servers, georebundant backups among others.