21 Sep

SWIC Activity: DaPeng Fortress, Temple Tour and Swimming

Join us for a trip to the historic DaPeng Fortress, take in a temple tour and also swim swimming nearby if time permits.

Date: Thursday, September 24 2015
Time:  8:30am meet at Sea World McDonalds.  Return around 5:00pm
Cost: 150 RMB for members / 160 RMB for non members.
Price includes roundtrip journey,  entrance fee, English brochure and transportation (possible rebate depending on how many attend).  Lunch is not included so please bring along some money for lunch.

DaPeng is rated the most famous historic monument in Shenzhen because for centuries it was the most important defensive point along the South China Sea coastal area protecting eastern Shenzhen, Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta trade beyond.  This lovely, historic walled city/fortress is beautifully preserved and boasts three surviving gates, several religious temples, and multiple mansions of famous Chinese generals.  DaPeng Fortress is located at the far eastern reaches of Shenzhen (good idea to come on this trip because it is not easy to reach on your own).  Originally built in 1394, the fortress has fought pirates, was involved in the first skirmish of the Opium Wars and produced a rather amazing number of famous Chinese generals, including five from one family!

The tour will particularly focus on historical Chinese architecture and ancient urban planning.

Sign up at SWIC coffee morning or contact Elaine Claar Campbell.

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