21 Sep

SWIC Activity: China Merchants Historical Museum

Date: Tuesday, September 29 2015
Time: 10:45am Meet at the Hilton or 11:00am meet at the museum
Cost: Entrance is free but bring 10 RMB for the shuttle to and from the Hilton Hotel

How to get there: In case you will not be able to join the group starting from coffee, you can take the following:
1. Bus 113, K113, 328: Get off at Shekou Net Valley station.  Walk 300m towards Nanshan (the mountain)
2. Bus 70: Get off at Mt. Orchid station

China Merchants is the first national enterprise founded during the Qing Dynasty.  Since its founding in 1872, China Merchants has made a lot of firsts from starting as a company to help develop commerce.  China Merchants has contributed a lot to the history of China and in Shenzhen, they are instrumental in exploring and opening up the industrial zones in the city.  Come and join us to explore how China Merchants’ history is ‘not only an enterprise history, but also a development history of national enterprises in modern China.’  This tour will provide excellent information and interesting items to further enhance appreciation of modern Chinese history and how our city of Shenzhen has developed since the opening up and reform of China.

Sign-up during Tuesday coffee morning and if you cannot sign up during coffee, please contact Van Canaberal for more details.

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