Specialist in cybersecurity, protect your business!

Specialist in cybersecurity, protect your business!

As technology advances to make life easier, new dangers arise. Contact a cybersecurity specialist and protect your website.

The advent of new technologies, the internet, data analysis and the digitization of businesses has led to increased risks of attacks by criminals on the network.

Faced with this, it is important that you hire a cybersecurity specialist and protect your investment, as those responsible for data hijacking and information theft become more sophisticated in their execution.

Cyber Security Specialist

According to PwC data, the number of cyber-attacks worldwide increased by 40%, resulting in a 60% increase in intellectual property theft.

Incidents like these affect every company in the world and leave a trail of economic, operational and reputational damage. It believes when it is said that the days when cybersecurity was seen simply as an IT problem are over.

Why hire one?

Your business currently requires a complete security strategy that includes a technical response as well as the “human component” of a specialist.

In order to successfully address the increase in cyber attacks, companies need IT talent that understands how criminal minds operate in today’s environment and evolving threats.

However, today there are new risks that come from within organizations and that threaten the day-to-day operation, impacting on customer reliability and even your reputation if you are a victim of a computer problem.

For example, if you have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, where you allow employees to use their own mobile devices to work, you face a number of challenges in cybersecurity issues, especially in corporate networks and information. However, more companies are taking steps to balance the needs of their employees and their IT protection concerns.

One such step includes so-called COPE (Corporate-Owned, Personally-Enabled) devices; equipment owned by the firm, but personally enabled; where the company can unify its approach while allowing its staff to use their devices for personal communications.

Risks of cyberattack

Just as companies around the world are constantly transforming themselves with new technologies, so are cybercriminals. Something to keep in mind…

A key trend in the evolution of cyber attacks is the disproportionate increase of crackers around the globe who have discovered how profitable it can be to hijack a user’s information (ransomware) or steal their data to sell it on the black market through malicious code such as malware.

In response, organizations of all kinds are designing cybersecurity strategies to protect their data. They often hire outside administrators and do not trust the current operations of their IT areas.

In addition, it is worth noting that many specialists recommend that information department heads and their teams look closely at what other companies are doing to deal with new threats.

Different organizations operating in the same industry are sharing more information about the risks they face, as well as the steps they take to combat them.

Because threats are similar within the same industry, sharing information about them, as well as cybersecurity intelligence between companies, can allow for faster and more effective response.

Many times it is in this part when it is convenient to have a cybersecurity specialist hired, as they are a timely response thanks to their experience and contacts in the sector.

Why are SMEs more vulnerable?

In recent years large companies have invested many resources both financial and personnel in measures against a cyberwar that began and where they did not participate until they saw the affects face to face.

Now cybercriminals have their eyes on smaller and more vulnerable users and corporations. Cybercrooks are looking for new doors to enter large corporations and have seen workers and suppliers as the key to achieving this.

Usually the biggest obstacles to invest in hiring a cybersecurity specialist have to do with managers not giving importance to crackers or cybercriminals, because they are not considered a target. This is the biggest risk of all.

For SMEs, the rise of mobile technology, cloud computing, the massification of the internet of things and other interactive developments have created more business opportunities. Now they can more easily connect with larger companies, such as vendors or contractors. However, this has also entailed additional risks.

Hence the need for you, as a leader, to think about having greater cybersecurity so as not to fall victim to computer crime that can cost you much more than a few pesos to protect yourself.

Erika S. Moore