The new SWIC library is for use by all SWIC members and is located in Jingshan, unit 5-203. It is the apartment complex right after the guardhouse. Please bring your SWIC ID to show the guard when you enter the complex. The opening hours are as follows:

  • Tuesdays 3-6pm
  • Thursdays 9am-12pm
  • Friday 9am-12pm

It is a place where SWIC members and their families can meet, check-out books and magazines, donate books and magazines and use it as contemplative space. Please show your SWIC membership card at the main Jingshan gate. Directions with photos of the library location are in the attachment below

Library Policies Books and magazines may be taken out for a reasonable period of time. The honor system is used for borrowing books and magazines. When returning or donating books, please place them in the bin inside the door. 
The SWIC library is to be used only for SWIC approved non-profit events.
No event, meeting or class in which payment is received is to be held at the SWIC library.
All events to be held need prior approval from the SWIC board.
No business activities, religious or political activities are to be held in the SWIC library.
Organizers of events at the SWIC library are asked to clean up after any event. Organizers of events are responsible for any damage to the facilities.
Organizers are to limit food and refreshments at events. No garbage from the event ( is to be left in the library or left in the wastebasket.
No advertising by members for business purposes, or advertising for non-SWIC events is to be left in the library. This includes business cards, flyers, etc.
The SWIC board created the library use policy and has the right to govern the use of the library.

Any questions or issues regarding use of the SWIC library are to be addressed


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