04 May

President’s May message to members

Happy Mothers Day

Dear SWIC ladies and all the mommies in our club,

The month of May represents many holidays for us.  Cinco De Mayo, Victoria Day, Memorial Day, May Day is lei day in Hawaii, and the one holiday that is special to all of us, “Mother’s Day”.  This is the special day that we can reflect on what it means to be a mom and to have the joy of having a mom.

To be a mom in a foreign country can be challenging.  You have the daunting task of creating a nurturing environment where your home customs and culture might be completely opposite.   Furthermore, your mom who is your rock when it comes to parenting is miles and miles away and you can connect with her only if the internet is good that day and your VPN is working  Nevertheless, you find ways to compromise and improvise to make  your home a home and so embrace your mommy skills and tenacity and Happy Mother’s day to all you lovely ladies.

Bonnie Horibata ~ SWIC President


Vivir La Vida

Thank you to the SWIC Annual planning team for executing an excellent latin-themed party, “Vivir La Vida” at the Latina Restaurant in Seaworld with 87 SWIC and guest enjoying the buffet, wine and draft beer that were plentiful. The party started at 6:30 with complimentary sparkling wine and ended at 12:30 with Paloma bringing down the house with her sultry salsa and va va voom dance moves.   As you can see, the complimentary salsa lessons that Auri gave me really helped!!!  SO MUCH FUN!!!

The staff at Latina restaurant were awesome!!!

Thank you very much to Auri Eves and Deb Robinson who led the committee with their marketing and logistic planning that was 2nd to none.   Thank you to Jennifer Scoggins and Susanne Salg for your contributions and Tania who helped the team decorate and Yvonne Bracy who found us all this cool stuff that she found in the library while cleaning it out.

SWIC Theme Party Organisers

SWIC “TUES”  Coffee Calendar for the month of May & June

May 5 –  Hilton lobby
May 12– Hilton Lobby
May 19 – Marco Polo (Last day for SWIC coffee at the Marco Polo until we return in late August)
May 26 – Hilton lobby
June 2 – Hilton Lobby  (Last day for SWIC coffee at the Hilton until we return in late August)


“There’s a trick to the Graceful Exit. It begins with the vision to recognize when a job, a life stage, a relationship is over – and to let go. It means leaving what’s over without denying its value.” – Ellen Goodman

Where:  Westin Hotel (next to Windows of the World amusement park in Nanshan)
Time:  11:00 sparkling wine reception and registration – 11:30 Lunch and Program begins
Cost:  200 RMB only

The SWIC board is subsidizing our lunch which is a full buffet with red and white wines, soft drinks, coffee and tea included and a special gift for each attendee.

You can place your reservation at SWIC coffee beginning tomorrow.  This is a popular event with SWIC members and seats are limited; so please make your reservation or ticket purchase early to secure your seat.  Preferential treatment is to SWIC members so please show your membership card when making your reservation or purchasing your ticket.

More Information coming to you soon!!!!  Check out SWIC facebook, website, and forums to get the latest information.


SWIC goes on Summer Vacation after June 2 coffee at the Hilton; however, don’t despair if you are here for  the summer as we have arranged for Tuesday coffee at Hans Mix restaurant in Seaworld.  Present your SWIC membership card and you receive 20% discount on all food and drink items.  Plus, you get a free muffin or croissant with your coffee or tea every Tuesday morning.

SWIC coffee is about 9:30.  I say about because sometimes they open at 9:45.  Come and enjoy – you never know who will turn up for coffee and become your new best friend.

Hans Mix

June 9, 16, 23, 30
July 7,14, 21, 28
August 4,11, 18,

We will inform you by SWIC forum to confirm that first SWIC coffee of the new year will be on August 25 at the Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai hotel.


YOUNG WRITERS AWARD – A Writing Competition open to Grades 7-8, 9-10
Submission dates:  May 1st to May 15th
All winners will be published on ShenzhenStandard.com

Choose from the following topics:

PERSPECTIVE:   Write a narrative or discussion paper which demonstrates how events can be seen from different perspectives.  or write about an experience or person in life that caused you to see from a different point of view.

PLACE:  Write a narrative or discussion paper which gives  a strong sense of place and its impact on identity.  Explore how environments contribute to who people are.

Make your paper interesting by using descriptions of people and places, dialog, and careful word choices to create word flow in the writing.  Your paper can be fictional or based on real events.

Dear SWIC Members; Our good friend Andrew Colquhoun who is the founder of Captivating International sent us this message.  I’ve worked with Andrew and his team for several years and they are very honorable in their charity work.  www.captivating.org

Dear Captivating Follower,

We have been honoured these past few years to be working in partnership with two wonderful organizations in Nepal rescuing girls from Human Trafficking.  Both 3 Angels Nepal (3AN) and Tiny Hands Nepal (THN) are beyond reproach in the way they do business in Nepal working in difficult conditions, and we cannot speak highly enough about their integrity and tenacity to get the job done.

The events since April 25 have been horrendous. You’ve seen the headlines, and the news will continue to get worse.  It’s SO IMPORTANT we stand up as a global community and help.  NEPAL NEEDS YOUR HELP.  

Both 3AN and THN have already marshalled their staff and networks on-the-ground in the affected areas of Nepal, distributing aid in the form of tents, blankets, food and medicine.  They are completely overwhelmed, and they need us to support them from where we are.  

You can do this by DONATING money right now – money that will keep the essential aid flowing.  Please know that the same integrity and confidence with which you regard Captivating flows through these partner organizations.  100% of your donation will be used to buy emergency aid and provisions that will be HAND DELIVERED to desperate people whose lives have completely been devastated since Saturday.

$8 buys a blanket
$25 buys a tent
$50 feeds a family for a week
$100 supplies critical medicines and surgical kit.
FROM AUSTRALIA:      www.asianaid.org.au
FROM EVERYWHERE ELSE:  go to www.captivating.org/region/donate  (please record your donation is for NEPAL RELIEF)
Tax deductible receipts will be issued for Australian, Hong Kong, and USA donations.
STAY UPDATED on our relief efforts in Nepal – like us on our Facebook Page 
Thanks in advance for your urgent help.

Andrew ​& Julie ​Colquhoun

Shekou Fellowship Womens Ministry

Shenzhen Bienvenue – Cafe Crea

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06 Mar

Presidents March message to members

Happy International Women’s day all you beautiful vibrant and resilient women.  This year’s theme is “Make it Happen”.  This year’s theme is to encourage women to take on more leadership roles in business, government and non-profit.  I also believe it pertains to us as expat women.

    • Make it happen to enjoy the best family life here in Shenzhen when your family support is in your home country.
    • Make it happen to support your spouse when he has to be the expert in his field and he has to deal with cultural and business differences.
    • Make it happen to create a striving educational environment for your children.
    • Make it happen to be innovative in the kitchen when you can’t find the ingredients you grew up with.
    • And make it happen to get out of the house on a Tuesday morning and visit with friends and introduce your self to someone new.

International Women’s day is also a time to reflect on the plight of women who are still suppressed and are not allowed the freedom that we all enjoy. Fight for women who are still sold into slavery from their families who are too poor to keep them home safe.  Fight for the women who are afraid and frightened in abusive relationships both mentally and physically. to find the courage to leave. And pray for women who cannot pray for themselves.

I love being a women and I love being a part of your life.  Celebrate with me as we celebrate women all over the world.

Bonnie Horibata ~ SWIC President


Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai Hotel
March 8, 2015 – Sunday
Special Promotions for Women’s Day!

With our best wishes for Women’s Day, we hope every woman will blossom like flowers!
On March 8, please come to our hotel to enjoy our special care and love for you!
OPEN Buffet 
Buy Two get the Third One free!
Sunday Brunch: RMB 338/person
Dinner Buffet: RMB 288/person

Sui Xuan
Every lady will get a gift dessert Papaya stew Snow Clam

Lobby Lounge
Western and Chinese Fusion Afternoon Tea
Time: 15:00 – 17:30
RMB 198/set  and suitable for two


SWIC “TUES”  Coffee Calendar for the month of March

March 3 –  Hilton lobby

March 10- Hilton Lobby

March 17 – Marco Polo

March 24 – Hilton lobby

March 31 – Hilton Lobby



Bring your spouse and/or significant other and enjoy drinks and canapes with SWIC@Nite.  SWIC@Nite was designed to engage our spouses to enjoy time wiht our SWIC buddies and for SWIC’ers who work during the day.  Please come and enjoy!

Latina Restaurant in Seaworld
Details to be announced soon.

Details to be announced soon


SWIC Activity this week – OCT Loft walking tour

OCT Loft and Contemporary Art Center

Thursday, March 12th

Meet at Sea World Starbucks at 10AM or OCT Loft Starbucks at 10:45AM.
Take metro to OCT Loft and OCT Contemporary Art Center
Tour this prototype of sustainable urban renovation architecture, centered around contemporary art.  Peruse boutique galleries and art exhibitions.  Join us for lunch and then head home. A great place to bring friends in the day or evening.
A SWIC trip organized by Elaine Campbell and Lydia Yu

If you have an interesting experience or activity that you would like to share with fellow SWIC’ers; put pen to paper or fingers to computer keys and get going.  Don’t be shy if you feel your English is not perfect or your grammar is challenged – the communication team is here to help you.  

Perhaps you child is a budding artist or poet – You can submit their work too for consideration.

And lastly, if you are a business owner or budding entrepeneur – why not advertise in the SWIC magazine?  
Full-page 1350
Half-page  800

Contact Harmony – SWIC editor with questions or to submit stories

if you need to promote your activity or want to post photos of your last SWIC event – send to Susanne salg who manages our SWIC Facebook

MARCH 4 – SILK MARKET (done)  Thank you Gina
MARCH – Walking Tour of  OCT Loft (volunteer needed)
MARCH 17 – Fun in Futian – Silk garden and Qipao Museum  – Joanne Jing
MARCH 26 – Walking Tour of Hong Kong Central and the Peak  – Sue Birmele
APRIL 1 – Dafen Artist Village – Sue Cruz
APRIL 9 – Hakka House and Museum  – Elaine Campbell
APRIL 15 – Macau Walking Tour – Dianna Levi
APRIL 21 – Fun in Futian – Yvette Taylor & Lotte Duffy
APRIL 27 – ZUHAI Furniture market – Sue Cruz
Visit the SWIC Activities page for more information.
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09 Feb

President’s February message to members

Happy Chinese New Year SWIC family,

It seems like we just celebrated New Year and here we are again.

The new SWIC magazine is out!  We hope you enjoy this long awaited SWIC magazine with several interesting articles about Chinese New Year, the Chinese zodiac and legends surrounding New Beginnings.

We have a new communication team on board and it’s promising for the remainder of this year that we will receive regularly scheduled communication pieces from the SWIC website, Facebook, Forum, and magazine.  These generous ladies are giving a lot of their time and expertise to get us back on track and we appreciate them very much.

Communication Team
Farah Baldock – SWIC Website
Devika Bal – Web Admin
Adrienne Janzen – Web Forums
SWIC Magazine Editor – Harmony Mueller
SWIC FaceBook – Susanne Salg
Librarian:  Linda Walsh

As to be expected with an expat social club – people come – people go – and change is ever present.  We say good bye to Sangeeta Ghose who has been with SWIC as an active volunteer for many years and wish her well in her new adventure.  Lolly who has carried us through the first half of the year is concentrating more on her full-time position with SAIS as their Director of Admissions and assuming the role of Vice Presidency is Susanne Salg who was formerly our Charity Director.  Taking her place is Marieke Kraaijeveld, and as I get dizzy with all the movement; I want to add one more person to our board – Virlane Torbit as Parliamentary.  Virlane will be instrumental in the nomination process for the new board and it’s never to early to place your bid in the hat.  The Programs Chair position was never filled this year and I think that needs to be a top priority for the next year.  We are all grateful for the ladies who stepped up to the plate to plan day trips throughout Shenzhen, Macau, & Hong Kong.  Thank you Elaine for soliciting the volunteers and to Sue  who has stepped up to the plate to help keep activities organized.

Here is your board for the remainder of the SWIC 2014/2015 term:

President:  Bonnie Horibata
Vice President:  Susanne Salg
Treasurer:  Yvette Widmer
Secretary:  Michela Capozza
Membership:  Patricia Daley
Hospitality:  Tania Gordon & Lynn O’Connell
Parliamentary:  Virlane Torbitt
Programs Administrator:  Sue Biirmele
Charity:  Marieke Kraaijiveld
Communications:  Farah Baldock

Happy 2015,
Bonnie Horibata
SWIC President


SWIC “TUES”  Coffee Calendar for Feb & Mar:

Feb 10 – Hilton Shenzhen, Shekou Nanhai hotel lobby

Feb 17 – Hans Mix Cafe (SeaWorld)

Feb 24 – Hans Mix Cafe (SeaWorld)

Mar 3 – Hilton Shenzhen, Shekou Nanhai hotel lobby

Mar 10 – Hilton Shenzhen, Shekou Nanhai hotel lobby

Mar 17 – Marco Polo Hotel  (Futian)

Mar 24 – Hilton, Shenzhen, Shekou Nanhai hotel lobby

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08 Jan

President’s January message to members

Happy New Year SWIC family!

This is the first time that my son and I stayed in Shenzhen for the holidays and while we did miss the family dinners and awesome weather of Hawaii; it was surprisingly nice to be here for the holidays.

A small group of SWIC ladies and kiddies spent time with us each Tuesday at the Hans Mix cafe and they have been very good to us with yummy teas and freshly baked croissants and pastries.  They also give SWIC members a 15% discount on all items in the shop, including retail gifts and facial products.  So go and check them out when you are back in Shekou.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful 2014 and let’s all celebrate 2015 together.  Can’t wait to see all of our SWIC members who were on a holiday with family and friends and your SWIC sisters all pray for your safe journey back home in Shenzhen.

Here is a little inspirational quote I found online:  Enjoy!

“Be wise, be honest, savour the nectar, and trim back your long hopes to a short length.  While we chatter, envious time has already fled – Seize the day, worrying as little as possible about tomorrow.” ~ Papa Smurf  (haha – you never know where you can find a good quote)

Happy 2015,
Bonnie Horibata
SWIC President

SWIC “TUES”  Coffee Calendar for the month of January & February

Jan 6 –  Hans Mix Cafe

Jan 13 – Hans Mix Cafe

Jan 20 – Hilton Hotel lobby

Jan 27 – Hilton Hotel lobby


SWIC Forum will begin the week starting Jan 4.  SWIC forum is every week.  

SWIC Business Forum will also be sent to members the week starting Jan 4.  SWIC Business Forum is twice a month.

Note about SWIC forums:  We are still experiencing “glitches” with mailchimp; however, we are finding that several of the problems are that we do not have the correct email. If you have a SWIC buddy that is not receiving SWIC forums; ask them to contact us and check their email addresses that we have on file.  In the near future, we hope to have SWIC forum included online at our SWIC website.

SWIC FaceBook courtesy of Susanne Salg has been ongoing through the holidays.  Check it out!!!  If you have VPN – it’s a great site to stay informed of SWIC activities and news.

SWIC website is an ongoing project and the new communications team is hard at work updating the information.  We will keep you informed.

SWIC Guidebooks have been delivered and each SWIC member can pick up their copy for FREE.  Come to SWIC coffee to pick up your copy!!!

SWIC magazine:  Please accept our apologies that our SWIC magazine is delayed till February 1.

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09 Dec

Presidents December Message to Members

Dear SWIC ladies,

Every year about this time I write a letter to each of my grown children to share with them a memory I have of their life with me or to share my dreams and hopes for them.  I started several years ago when money was tight and I wanted to give them something more than a trinket; so I wrote to each one and shared everything about how I felt during my pregnancy with them, my labor, and how I felt the day I met them; but most importantly, how thankful that I have them in my life.  This small gesture has brought us even closer as a family especially in the last few years when I have not been able to spend the holidays with them as we are all living in different cities and countries.

While, I may not have been pregnant with you or raised you; I do owe all of you my appreciation for being a part of my life here in Shenzhen and SWIC.  Without you, there would be no weekly coffee mornings where we share our challenges and tributes.  There would be no monthly cultural activities to broaden our artistic and intellectual minds, and who can resist an exhilarating shopping or eating adventure with friends?

This past year has been full of activities for our SWIC members and much of it would not be possible without volunteers.  SWIC ladies were instrumental in helping Captivating International raise over 156 million rmb this past October at their annual gala auction.  Our SWIC ladies were also a part of helping IRNGO, Promise Land, Shekou Community Resource Center, and Sunshine Academy.  In fact, you are the reason why many orphaned children will receive a Sunshine in a Box of goodies and school supplies this year. 

Thank you also, to the SWIC board and many volunteers who give so generously of their time and effort; you are truly a gift and your efforts are immeasurable in the joy, comfort, love, and hope that it produces for both the giver and the recipient.

Thank you to the management and staff at the Hilton and Marco Polo hotels for taking good care of each Tuesday.  John Burger, Toby Crowder, and Thomas Salg are fine gentlemen that we appreciate very much.
This holiday season, let’s be grateful for our blessings, especially in trying times, and let’s not forget to reach out to others who may be in need of your time, empathy, and friendship.  Reach out to those whom we will never meet and let them know, through our support that they are not forgotten.  Engage your family and friends in your spirit of giving and, remind them of how good it feels to consider the needs of others before their own.  It is what makes being a human is so rewarding.

This will be the first holiday season that I will be staying in Shenzhen.  I’m going to put together some mini-activities for those of us who are still here in December and early January.  We will still meet on Tuesday’s; but we will be at the Hans Mix Restaurant in SeaWorld.  It’s next to Pizza Hit area.  Come join me at 930.

Stay connected to your SWIC family through our website, forums, and Shenzhen Women International Club FaceBook sites.

Happy Holidays my dear friends.
Bonnie Horibata
SWIC President
December Letter to Members

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15 Oct

Presidents October Message to Members

Dear SWIC ladies,

This past Saturday, October 11 marked Captivating Internationals 6th Annual Charity Gala & Auction and many SWIC ladies were in attendance and volunteering for a variety of tasks.  Our very own Lynn Velez whose been a member of SWIC for many years and has been coordinating this event since the beginning when it was first held at Aulon Restaurant and today with the help of her co-coordinator, Dana Milne they were instrumental in raising more than 1.5 million rmb; a 20% increase year/year.

I was honored to be part of the fundraising activity and I’m still feeling the adrenaline rush from the outpouring of love and generosity of our community in raising over 92,000 rmb by selling 150 “set a girl free” heart balloons attached to International SOS first-aid kits.  This money will fund border monitoring stations to prevent human trafficking through Nepal, China, and India.  Thank you to all the SWIC ladies who volunteered their time to make this an amazing night for Captivating International and thank you to our Susanne Salg who once again taught us the “cupid shuffle” ; the Seng Girls will never forget their new dance moves.

SWIC, do you feel the climate changing? Is there a slight “coolness” in the early morning and late afternoon?  I thought Fall would never arrive in Shenzhen.  What this also means is that it’s time to celebrate Halloween with our little kiddies, big kiddies, and our “inner” kiddie.

This year, we return to Jingshan Villa to enjoy the Halloween festivities.  SWIC is collaborating with China Merchants and Jingshan Management to offer an evening of fun activities, trick or treats, and a costume contest and parade.  Here is a schedule of events:

October 26 (Sunday): SWIC Members can pick up a complimentary pumpkin (small to medium size) at the Jingshan Villa front gate area between 11:00AM to 12N.  You must present your SWIC membership card and only one pumpkin per family.  If we have any left-over pumpkins then we will bring them to coffee morning on Tuesday.  (1st come 1st serve basis)

October 30 (Thursday) SWIC will help select the most decorated house in Jingshan Villa.  If you are a SWIC Member and you live in Jingshan – Join in the fun and decorate your house.

October 31 (Friday)  Please bring your decorated pumpkin to Jingshan Villa for judging by 4PM.  Here are some of the activities:

5:00PM: Pumpkin Judging

Categories: Creative, Funniest, Scariest, Family

6:00PM: Costume Contest and Parade

Age groups: 1-4; 5-7; 8-9; 10 plus

Categories: Best girl and boy costumes and “best home-made”

8:00PM: Families are welcome to trick or treating

within Jingshan property. Jingshan will provide a map or designation ribbon on homes that are offering treats.

We will have a box maze, jump-house, food booths, and activity booths for the children.

SWIC members are required to show their SWIC ID at front security gate.

Please come and enjoy the fun!!!!

Happy October SWIC Members.


Bonnie Horibata





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18 Sep


Dear ladies,

It’s not too late to purchase your tickets to one of my favourite SWIC events of the year. There are only five more days left to purchase your tickets and when we run out of tickets – it could be sooner.

We are dedicating two tables that can accommodate mommies and babies  (stroller room).   The Marco Polo hotel have also offered us a complimentary “AYI” room.  So, mommies – No excuses – treat yourself to a lovely brunch.

Here is a peak into what’s in our goodie bag:

New SWIC Logo branded sports bag that you can go hiking or shopping with or maybe use it as a diaper bag:-)

A Gift certificate from Home Women and Children’s hospital that you can select one of several medical services like a free pap smear or breast exam or perhaps a complimentary acupuncture treatment.

Umbrella, coupons, and more….But, you have to come to the breakfast to receive your goodie bag.

Hope to see you ladies on Tuesday,

Bonnie Horibata

SWIC President 2014 -2015tiffany image

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15 Sep

Possible typhoon or storm to hit Shenzhen Tuesday

Dear SWIC’er’s

The weather reports are showing a typhoon with landfall tonight or tomorrow.  For those who have been living here awhile know that typhoons can dissipate oftentimes; but you never know and so be prepared for the worst and enjoy the best.

Here are some good tips to help you through the storms:

Typhoons in China (Mandarin:  tai feng)

Typhoons are the same as Hurricanes except that it occurs out in the Pacific Ocean or the South China Sea instead of the Atlantic Ocean.

While typhoons can happen anytime from May to December, the main season in China is July through September and the peak of the storm season is in August.

Typhoons do not develop overnight. Often, it takes about a few days before one is developed. Usually, typhoons start as thunderstorms that accumulate strength and intensify into a massive weather disturbance.  What this means is that you have time to prepare for the onslaught of torrential rains and winds.

In addition, to purchasing a good pair of rain boots/”crocs”, raincoat, and a sturdy umbrella; you will also want to take measures to protect your personal property and family by following several common sense tips.

Create and maintain an inventory of your property: Take photos or video of all property, whether personal possessions or your business’ equipment. Keep receipts and serial numbers for major items. Store the photos or video as well as paperwork in a safe place, away from your home or business, such as a safe deposit box at your financial institution.

Keep important numbers handy: Make sure you have access to your policy and insurance numbers at all times. While typhoons give some advanced warning, other disasters can strike with no notice. *Do you know your medical insurance information?

Secure your home or apartment: Bring in the small plants, patio furniture indoors or anchor lightweight objects outside.  Basically, remove any loose items that can take flight during heavy winds.

Maintain and stock a first aid kit and first responder manual:  Stock your first aid kit with Ace bandages, straight piece of wood or plastic that can be used as a splint.  Assorted band aides and antibacterial ointment.  A heating pad.  Antihistamine tablets, aspirin and/or ibuprofen.  If you have infants you should keep a bottle of infant Tylenol.  Prescription medicines. (Important note: Check your medicines every six months and toss and replace outdated medicines.)  Another item to consider storing is bug repellants and hydrocortisone cream.

Stock and store bottled water and non-perishable foods:  Keep a good supply of food and clean bottled water in a cool dry area for at least 2-4 weeks.  Store powdered baby formula and baby food if you have young children or infants.  Another tip is to keep a supply of Pediasure and Pedialyte (brand names) if you can find a source.

Note:  “Cash is King” in China and you should keep a stash of cash on hand for any kind of emergency.


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15 Sep

Welcome Back Breakfast tickets are going fast

SWIC-2014-WELCOME-0168Dear ladies,

We are picking up steam for the annual welcome back breakfast.  Buy your tickets, soon.  It’s going to be a lot of fun. Also, visit us on our FACEBOOK page, “Shenzhen Women International Club. We also have a complimentary bus that can seat 53 ladies.  The bus will depart at Mcdonalds/Seaworld at 830AM. Please come and enjoy the fun!

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09 Sep


Dear SWIC ladies,

The SWIC Welcome Breakfast is only “MEMBERS-ONLY” annual event and each year the SWIC Board tries to out-do the year before and this year is no different.

It is our privilege and honor to invite all of you to this year’s breakfast on September 23 at the Marco Polo hotel in Futian. (near Coco Park).     The board and I would like to hi-lite what you can expect this year.

  • The Theme of this year’s breakfast is “A Hint of Tiffany” – Our theme is fun and you do not need to dress in Tiffany style to enjoy our brunch; but if you want to pile your hair up in a fancy updo or wear your favorite strands of pearls – by all means – ENJOY!
  • Delicious buffet planned and served by the excellent staff of the Marco Polo
  • Complimentary “Mimosa’s” (orange juice and sparkling wine)
  • Over 15 vendor tables and charity information tables – If you are new to Shenzhen; then you will find value in visiting our vendor tables. We have organic vegetable and egg farms, travel agency, Walmart/Sam’s Club information, Dentistry and more.
  • Presentation on what you can expect this year in SWIC
  • SWIC goodie bags (value of goodie bags matches the cost of your ticket)
  • Raffle prizes from our favorite vendors and SWIC relationships.
  • Games!!!! You think Jewelmania is fun – wait to see what we have planned for you.


SWICWelcome Breakfast


Bonnie, Lolly, Sona, Patricia, Michela, Blathnaid, Yvette, Devika, Bya, Tania, Lynn, & Linda ~ 2014/2015 SWIC Board of Directors



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