15 Oct

Wanted–Western Style Interior Decorator

My Chinese friend works for an American owned company here in Shekou.  They are seeking an interior designer to update their 380-square meter office that includes two conference rooms, five managers’ offices, and lobby with a reception desk.  They would like a modern, welcoming look in Western style.  Please call Deb Robinson at 186-7667-7549 or e-mail me at debrobinson7410@gmail.com to provide contact information for recommendations you may have.   Thank you!

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05 Feb

Pet vaccinations

Any suggestions for vets that do the cat rabies jab and will stamp the record document? Futian (preferred) and Shekou areas. Price estimates and whether they speak English would be helpful to know also. Thanks Helen Beales

–Beales Helen

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22 Dec



I noticed that the visa office in the ferry terminal was open a couple of weeks ago. You can get a 5-day visa just for Shenzhen between 9:00am-4:30pm. I’ve also heard you can do it in Luohu. Anyone know the price or specifics?

— Symotiuk Roza Maria (Rose)

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