18 Apr

Moonlight Masquerade Spring Party 2016


This year the annual spring party was held at Baia Restaurant in Sea World and the theme was “Moonlight Masquerade” The beautiful warm spring evening and Baia’s location on the 3rd floor in Sea World provided the perfect setting to enjoy delicious food and wine, dancing and catching up with old friends.



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16 Mar

Visit to Tian Hou Temple and the Left Fort Ruins


On a beautifully warm Tuesday in March, SWIC member Elaine Campbell led a small group on a tour of Tian Hou Temple and the Left Fort Ruins, both of which are located in Chiwan, next to the port. Their convenient location makes them an ideal cultural destination to show friends and family when they visit.

The temple is a delightful combination of Chinese folk religion, Taoism and Buddhism. There is a beautiful covered entrance to the temple with spectacularly carved 3-D dragon columns. Four brightly coloured giant warrior statues guard the temple entrance from demons. The Main Hall and the Altar to Tian Hou is a visual symphony of colour in the form of offerings, shrines and pictures and unlike many temples we were allowed to freely take photos.

The courtyards contain a bell tour and drum tower, turtle pond, incinerators, an incense pavilion, shrines and a wishing tree. There are also water spouting bowls for you to try your hand at and make sure you have the camera ready if someone masters the perfect technique to create a water spout.

The original temple was built in 1410 under the supervision of Admiral-Eunuch Zheng to honour the Goddess Tian Hou after she saved his fleet of ships in a severe storm. The temple has since been destroyed and rebuilt several times , most recently by the Shenzhen Municipal Government in the 1990’s and repaved and painted in 2011.

After visiting the temple we got back on the bus and with Elaine’s eagle eye (the sign was very faded) and excellent Chinese we manged to get the bus driver to stop down the road at the Left Fort Ruins. After a short walk up the road you can either take the stairs (Nothing like Nanshan Mountain- maybe 150 steps in total) or you can continue on the road which winds around to the fort. Massive tree roots almost appear to hold the fort together and there is a picnic area with marble tables and seating which is well shaded, and has views over the Chiwan Port. If you climb to the top of the fort you will see the original cannon that points out to sea. There is also a statue of Lin Zexu , a former viceroy of the two Guangs and it is likely that his decision to try an eradicate the opium trade was a major factor in causing the opium war.

How to get to Tian Hou Temple:

By Bus – take the #226 from Seaworld

By metro – take the metro to Chiwan stop and walking the remaining 15 minutes.

Entrance fee – 15RMB per person, no discounts for seniors, students or children.

How to get to the Left Fort ruins from the temple:

By Bus – take the #226 from outside the Temple and watch for a very faded sign on the left hand side of Chiwan First Road.


Entrance to the stairs leading to the fort.








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09 Nov

SWIC Hiking Group Video

Ever wondered what the SWIC Hiking Group gets up to on their hikes in and around Shenzhen?  Well here is a short video of the Hiking Group’s exploration of Futian last August.

A big thanks to SWIC member Victoria Sotto for sharing this video and to Adele Arthur for leading the SWIC Hiking group.  To find out more about the Hiking Group click here.


SWIC Hiking Group – Exploring Futian August 2015 from SWIC Communications on Vimeo.

Thank you to Victoria Sotto for sharing this video of the SWIC Hiking group headed by Adele Arthur. The video cover’s the Hiking Group’s exploration of Futian in August 2015 where 25 members joined. To find out more about the SWIC hiking group visit http://swiconline.com/activities/sports/

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21 Sep

SWIC Activity: Dameisha Day Trip

Date: Saturday, October 10, 2015

SWIC is planning a day trip to Dameisha in October, so save the date and stay tuned as more details will be announced soon!

It’s planned to be a great day to unwind for the weekend with a lunch buffet and time at beach after the golden week holiday has wound down.

Contact Van Canaberal for more info.

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21 Sep

SWIC Activity: China Merchants Historical Museum

Date: Tuesday, September 29 2015
Time: 10:45am Meet at the Hilton or 11:00am meet at the museum
Cost: Entrance is free but bring 10 RMB for the shuttle to and from the Hilton Hotel

How to get there: In case you will not be able to join the group starting from coffee, you can take the following:
1. Bus 113, K113, 328: Get off at Shekou Net Valley station.  Walk 300m towards Nanshan (the mountain)
2. Bus 70: Get off at Mt. Orchid station

China Merchants is the first national enterprise founded during the Qing Dynasty.  Since its founding in 1872, China Merchants has made a lot of firsts from starting as a company to help develop commerce.  China Merchants has contributed a lot to the history of China and in Shenzhen, they are instrumental in exploring and opening up the industrial zones in the city.  Come and join us to explore how China Merchants’ history is ‘not only an enterprise history, but also a development history of national enterprises in modern China.’  This tour will provide excellent information and interesting items to further enhance appreciation of modern Chinese history and how our city of Shenzhen has developed since the opening up and reform of China.

Sign-up during Tuesday coffee morning and if you cannot sign up during coffee, please contact Van Canaberal for more details.

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21 Sep

SWIC Activity: DaPeng Fortress, Temple Tour and Swimming

Join us for a trip to the historic DaPeng Fortress, take in a temple tour and also swim swimming nearby if time permits.

Date: Thursday, September 24 2015
Time:  8:30am meet at Sea World McDonalds.  Return around 5:00pm
Cost: 150 RMB for members / 160 RMB for non members.
Price includes roundtrip journey,  entrance fee, English brochure and transportation (possible rebate depending on how many attend).  Lunch is not included so please bring along some money for lunch.

DaPeng is rated the most famous historic monument in Shenzhen because for centuries it was the most important defensive point along the South China Sea coastal area protecting eastern Shenzhen, Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta trade beyond.  This lovely, historic walled city/fortress is beautifully preserved and boasts three surviving gates, several religious temples, and multiple mansions of famous Chinese generals.  DaPeng Fortress is located at the far eastern reaches of Shenzhen (good idea to come on this trip because it is not easy to reach on your own).  Originally built in 1394, the fortress has fought pirates, was involved in the first skirmish of the Opium Wars and produced a rather amazing number of famous Chinese generals, including five from one family!

The tour will particularly focus on historical Chinese architecture and ancient urban planning.

Sign up at SWIC coffee morning or contact Elaine Claar Campbell.

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28 Aug

SWIC Welcome Back Breakfast – 15 Sept 2015

SWIC Welcome Breakfast 2015
Tuesday, 15 September, 9:30am-12:30pm
Marco Polo Hotel, Futian

Join SWIC for our annual Welcome Breakfast at the Marco Polo Shenzhen, from 9:30am to 12:30pm on Tuesday, 15 September.  Meet new friends and old, sign-up for activities and interest groups, meet local vendors and charity representatives, receive a special SWIC welcome gift and be in with a chance to win great prizes from our Welcome Breakfast Prize Draw.  But above all, “Don’t Worry – Be Happy” and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast buffet, gifts, games and more at SWIC’s annual Welcome Breakfast.

Tickets cost 200 RMB and will be on sale from 25 August at our Tuesday coffee morning in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel in Shekou, or contact us for further information.

We hope to see you there!

SWIC Welcome Back Breakfast 2015


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19 May

SWIC Coffee Mornings – Summer dates


The last SWIC Coffee Morning at the Hilton will be on Tuesday June 9th.  SWIC Coffee will return to the Hilton at the end of the Summer on Tuesday August 25th.    The cost to attend SWIC Coffee Mornings at the Hilton is 50 RMB for members and 75 RMB for non members.  A wide selection of tea, coffee, pastries, savouries and fruits will be available.

Over the course of the Summer months SWIC will hold our regular Tuesday Coffee Mornings at Hans Mix restaurant in Sea World.

June 16, 23, 30
July 7, 14, 21, 28
August 4, 11, 18


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12 May

Visit to Zhuhai Furniture Market – Thursday 14th May

Join us for a visit to Zhuhai Furniture Market

Thursday 14th May 2015

Looking for some interesting furniture for your home? Then why not join us for this weeks SWIC activity and come and see all the different kinds of “ancient” furniture, wood carvings, lamps, etc that China has to offer all in one place.  To get there we will take a two and a half hour bus ride through the industrial and farming part of the Pearl River Delta.  The storage room under the bus can be shared for some of your furniture purchases on the return journey, but some larger pieces may have to be shipped, so don’t forget to bring your address in Chinese.
DEPART:  Thursday 14th May 2015, 8AM from Sea World McDonald’s
RETURN: Thursday 14th May 2015, 5-6PM depending on traffic. Return drop offs: between CRG3 and Peninsula, CRG2, CRG1, Mount Orchid, Jing shan and Sea World.
COST: the cost of the bus will be about 150 RMB per person but could be less if more people sign up.
ORGANISER: This visit will be led by Elaine Campbell.
HOW TO SIGN UP: Contact Elaine if you would like to join the visit (please include “Zhuhai Furniture Market Visit” in the subject line).
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